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On the 6th of February |986, the Nigerian Institute of Computer science and Professional Studies, the forerunner of was born at No 6Uwagboe Avenue, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State, The objective of Dr. Donaldson Shaka Momodu, the proprietor, was multi layered dimensionally:- provide e a medium for technology transfer to my fellow Nigerians, provide functional education in Applied Science, Engineering, Computer Technology Commerce and Business management with the technical knowledge/skills and competence that will make the individual competitive in the labour market. The objective was, also, to make the individual self reliant and accomplished after undertaking well designed entrepreneurial training programmes. Thus, the co-operation and approval of London City and Guild London was sought in technical courses and granted, the Co-operation of ACA, ACCA of London, London Institute of Marketing, and IDPM of London were sought and granted. For years this enabled us to produce high quality Accountants, Business Administration Executives, Computer System Analysts, Marketing Executives and Corporate secretaries.

In 1995, Nigerian Institute of Computer Science and Professional Studies was renamed Shaka Polytechnic. The Polytechnic secured and affiliation with a renowned Polytechnic in the National Diploma programmes, after an exhaustive and comprehensive accreditation exercise. From 1996 onward, we produced high quality graduands in Business Administration, Accountancy, Computer Science, Marketing, Mass Communication, Public Administration and Secretarial Studies. Later we added HND programmes to the programmes above. The HND graduates served at the NYSC, and some won National laurels. Suffice; it is to say that most students who went through this tunnel of knowledge are now Doctorate DegreeHolders, Master Degree Holders, Bachelor Degree holders, HND and ND holders. They are helping to turn the wheels of progress in Nigeria. However, we were always aware that our high and robust designed entrepreneurial training programmes.

Achievements were achieved in borrowed robes. At last we sought accreditation from the Federal Government. The National Board on Technical Education (NBTE), a parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Education (FME), was invited by Shaka Polytechnic. NBTE conducted an Exhaustive and comprehensive accreditation exercise. Shaka Polytechnic came out in flying colours in the exhaustive and comprehensive exercise. Consequently, Shaka Polytechnic granted institutional approval by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The National Board on Technical Education, also gave approval to Shaka Polytechnic to mount National Diploma programmes in Statistics, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Business Administration and Management and Electrical/Electronics Engineering. The accreditation processes for Laboratory Technolog,. Accounting, Public Administration, Estate Management, Building Technology, Quantity Surveying and Architectural Engineering Technology are in advance stages.

As enunciated above Shaka Polytechnic has tremendous experience in hüman development, and capacity building. It has, also, successfully Shaka moulded Nigerians both. morally and academically. Polytechnic today is like a"good old wine in a new bottle". We have in deed, trained professionals and intend to repeat the academic feat again. Computer Laboratories and Statistics Laboratory have recently been equipped. The workshops in the Computer Science Department, Computer Engineering Department and Electrical/Electronics department are fully equipped and certified by National Board on Technical Education. Therefore, I can without fear of contradiction, submit that Shaka Polytechnic is the institution that you or your ward or yourwife, or your husband, or your son, or your daughter should attend in order to imbibe high quality technical and practical knowledge and management skills needed to further your capacity building for work or to further your education.

Come! Come! You will be glad you did.


Chairperson/Proprietress Of Shaka Polytechnic